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Wheat beer

Gold medal 2009- 2011
Silver medal 2008 - 2010


Wheat beer Page 24 is very light in colour, naturally cloudy and develops citrus aromas. It is slightly tangy but not bitter and is particularly refreshing. A very pleasant beer to drink during hot weather.

Enjoy with:

Wonderfully delicious with smoked salmon with dill on toast. Magnificent with a lovely sole meunière accompanied by steamed potatoes or chips.

Bière Blanche

Bottled in traditional bottles with a swing stopper. This format allows the beer to be kept when it hasn't all been drunk.
Available in 6 bottle cases

Vente de bière blanche

Bottle with bottle cap, available in 12 bottle packs.

Fabrication de bière blanche

Available soon

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A traditional beer from the Nord-Pas-de Calais Region, Page 24 with chicory is a result of the marriage of two emblematic products of the region, beer and chicory. This ingredient, much used by brewers in times gone by, adds a deeper copper colour to the beer and increases its bitterness.

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