Beer production and Brewing

Brewing (Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region) Hot Phase Equipment– Brewing of artisanal beer  

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There are 4 main stages involved in making beer :

Stage 2: Brewing

The malt flour (24kg/hl) is mixed with the brewing water (a mash is obtained) in a mash tun (20hl capacity) heated gradually to 45°C to hydrolyse and dissolve the starchy matter in the malt: this is the brewing stage.

The method used is infusion brewing.

The whole is heated to 78°C using precise temperature control in order to gradually convert the starch into sugar.

The mash is then filtered in order to extract the sweet wort. The filtration residue (spent grain) is collected and sent to make animal feed. The wort is then boiled to a temperature of 102°C for 1 1/2 hours. During this stage the brewer adds the different hops and any spices being used.

The wort is then sent to a whirlpool tank. Spinning the wort in this tank separates out the solid particles in around ten minutes.

Before being transferred to the fermentation tank, the brewer cools down the wort using a plate heat exchanger which drops the temperature down to 24°C. The exchanger allows the hot water to be collected for following brews.

Abuse of alcohol is dangerous for the health, consume in moderation.